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Mac Jee’s DAGGER to Appear at Dubai Airshow

Today, the defence industry is facing constant challenges. Companies in the sector need to keep up with technological innovations and ensure that their equipment is state-of-the-art for the adequate protection of nations.
The Mac Jee Group, formed by Brazilian companies, developed an intelligent guidance system for GPB MK-type aerial ammunition for the national and international defence and security market. DAGGER is an active guidance kit designed to meet the requirements of modern air forces operating in complex operating scenarios.
The aerial ammunition guidance system is a game-changer. It increases the percentage of hits on the target in comparison with activities carried out without the equipment. There is also a massive reduction in collateral damage, increasing the safety of the aircraft. Furthermore, the guidance kit reinforces the trend in the global defence and security industry, which has increasingly adopted UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) for reconnaissance operations.
DAGGER is an aerial ammunition guidance kit with electronic sensors, computer vision, and range extension (over 120 km) developed to hit fixed and moving targets, including land, sea, and long-range targets, with high accuracy. In addition, to preserve the safety of the aircraft and its crew, it has features such as fire and forget and beyond the visual range (BVR) that increase the protection of the operation.
The unique advanced seeker provides autonomous stand-off capability for high precision weapon employment in harsh environments, poor visibility, day and night. Combined with the automatic target acquisition, anti-spoofing antenna, and high-grade inertial system, DAGGER detects, classifies, and provides a morphological analysis of the scene to locate and overcomes GPS jamming or spoofing, navigation, and target location errors.
Mac Jee is responsible for the engineering and production of the guidance kit in accordance with the latest military specification, including the general-purpose-bomb BGB 82 (MK-type), mechanical and electronic fuses, embedded systems, sensors, components, and energetic material, providing a turn-key solution. 
The introduction of DAGGER by Mac Jee Group will be one of the highlights of Dubai Airshow 2021. “We have noticed that there is an increasing trend in the adoption of UAVs and a lack of guidance kits for aerial ammunitions. So, we chose Dubai Airshow to launch our newest product as the show has a great importance and gathers high-level professionals and strong influencers from the defence industry,” said Simon Jeannot, Chairman of the group.

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