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Saab Solutions:Innovative, Reliable and Cost-Efficient

Saab displayed its broad range of products and solutions for military defence and civil security at the recently concluded FIDAE 2018 in Chile and DEFEXPO 2018 in Chennai, India. Among the highlights were the Gripen fighter; air defence systems such as the RBS 70 NG; surveillance capabilities such as the GlobalEye AEW&C; and naval combat system solutions such as the 9LV CMS.
In a statement, Saab described its participation at the two expos as an important opportunity to bring ideas together with regional allies and potential partners. As the company continues its sustained expansion in Latin America and India, the exhibitions were ideal venues to present solutions that will meet clients’ needs, with  special focus on the dual use capabilities of its high technology portfolio. 
“We believe that security is more than a necessity; it is a human right. And we aim to provide solutions that support the quest for safer nations to our clients and worldwide. Saab’s leading technologies are based on years of experience and anticipate future needs. Our innovative, highly reliable and cost-efficient capabilities are of a dual use nature – they can be used for both military and civil purposes,” said Joakim Schackenborg, Head of Country Unit South Cone.
Saab showcased the following range of products and solutions for the air, land and sea domains. 
GlobalEye AEW&C: The new Saab Airborne Early Warning & Control solution is a multi-mission capability that not only provides air, maritime and ground surveillance in a single solution, but also gives significantly increased capabilities within dual use purposes. These include surveillance and air operation coordination, combatting drug trafficking, forest fires, or other natural disaster situations.
Gripen: A unique fighter concept, Gripen combines exceptional operational performance, highly advanced net-centric warfare, sensor fusion, unique BVR capability and cost efficiency with true transfer of technology and comprehensive industrial partnership. The full-scale replica was on display in FIDAE’s outdoor area where visitors could sit on the Gripen cockpit and experience first-hand the varied capabilities of the future-proof fighter jet. Also on display at DEFEXPO 2018 was the Gripen Cockpit Simulator showing Gripen’s revolutionary wide-angle display in India for the first time. 
RBS 70 NG: It is a short-range air defence missile system that provides protection from 250 metres out to 9 km for ground forces against airborne threats. The system is portable, easy to set up and operate, and provides 24-hour coverage in all climates. With its modular concept and state-of-the-art technology, the RBS 70 NG provides a highly flexible, scalable and long-term solution to evolving requirements. The NG sight has been specifically designed for a high degree of flexibility and modularity. In addition to the Man-Portable Air Defence System (MANPADS) configuration, the same NG sight unit can be used in remote-controlled or vehicle applications.
MSHORAD: A package solution that includes the Giraffe 1X radar integrated with C2, and the RBS 70 NG Remote Weapon System (RWS). The 3D short-range Giraffe 1X provides 360-degree surveillance coverage at a range of 75 km, generating data to a C2 command and control communication system for analysis and action coordination. 9LV Combat Management System (CMS): Highly integrated system that brings information from the ship’s sensors, weapons and communications together, providing unsurpassed flexibility. 9LV CMS offers complete C4I for all types of naval platforms, from patrol vessels to submarines. 
Air Traffic Management (ATM) solutions: A wide range of highly cost-efficient products designed to optimise air transportation covering traffic management, monitoring and other net centric capabilities. Multilateration and Aerobahn are two monitoring solutions that greatly support an airport’s overall operational performance.
Training & Simulation: An offer that comprises solutions within the live, virtual and constructive domain. All combined with in-depth knowledge in planning, integration and executing mission-specific training solutions. The product range include live simulation of all types of anti-tank weapons, such as fire and forget, fire lead and ballistic missiles. The BT 46, for example, has been selected by key NATO countries and has proven superior to all other systems in the market, due to its precision. A well-trained force in terms of logistics, communication and team trust, is key both for security and civil defence.
Other systems displayed included: 
Ground Combat Systems including the Carl Gustaf M4, a man-portable multi-role weapon system that provides high tactical flexibility through its wide range of ammunition types was displayed at DEFEXPO. It is extremely light (less than 7 kg), and has an intelligent sight, improved ergonomics and reduced action time.
Naval Missile Systems including the RBS 15 Mk3, the most modern surface-to surface missile system available is designed to operate in a diverse range of scenarios, from anti-ship engagement in blue waters and littorals to land attack missions. 
A26, a most modern submarine programme by Saab, offers silent, long-endurance submerged performance and excellent maneuverability in all waters for a lethal super stealth performance. Also on display was the Taurus KEPD 350, the platform independent long-range precision attack missile that delivers an unparalleled combination of performance parameters: long range and intelligent flight behaviour, a devastating combination of warhead and fuze technology, plus an extremely accurate and highly redundant guidance system for pin-point attacks. Saab’s portfolio also includes Mobile Camouflage System, a tailor-made, multi-purpose system that enhances survivability and sustainability, and SOTACS, the Special Operations Tactical Suit with a camouflage system that allows stealthy operations in hostile environments.
Also on showcase was the AUV-62 MR Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, the modern choice for mine countermeasures (MCM) that can perform surveillance and reconnaissance of the underwater area immediately after deployment.
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