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DCI: Fostering Future Growth

DCI offers customised solutions for personnel training and equipment maintenance through its strategic partnerships 

Défense Conseil International (DCI) is renowned for providing a full spectrum of defence and national security services, offering consultancy, training and technical support. The company signed a number of important deals at the recently concluded Eurosatory 2016.
By: Sakha Pramod
Nation Shield sat down with DCI Chairman and CEO, Jean-Michel Palagos, on the sidelines of the show and found out more about their new partnerships and ventures. 
Transferring French Military Know-How
DCI and MBDA France signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at Eurosatory 2016 to jointly promote capacity-based training for the benefit of countries friendly with France.
The agreement, which is focused on MBDA systems, will make it possible to make global proposals including provision of services, consultancy, training, operational assistance and, where required, simulation.
DCI Chairman and CEO Jean-Michel Palagos said, “I am delighted with this collaboration with MBDA, since we have a shared vision and we are confident in the effectiveness of our capacity-based approach as part of the coordinated French export strategy. This guarantees maximum satisfaction for friendly countries since they can more rapidly take operational control of the new systems, allowing them to reinforce their defence capacity.”
DCI’s offering, based on the transfer of French military know-how to friendly countries, features high added value and complements MBDA’s offering, which is centred on the design of missiles and missile systems.
Palagos said that through this partnership, DCI and MBDA would leverage the synergy between their respective offerings by combining their expertise in a coherent, complementary manner.
This joint approach, added Palagos, is based on a strong desire to offer complete solutions combining doctrine and training prior to equipment selection. 
CIF-H Obtains ATO Certification from DGAC
Inaugurated at the start of 2015, DCI’s International Helicopter Training Centre (CIF-H) was recently successfully certified as an Approved Training Organization (ATO) in accordance with European standards by the French civil aviation authority (DGAC). The role of the CIF-H is to transfer the know-how of the French Army’s light aviation unit (ALAT) to countries friendly with France. The centre is located in the French military pilot training schools at Dax and Luc-en-Provence.
Palagos said, “We are very pleased to have obtained certification from the DGAC, which reflects the quality of our infrastructures and training courses at the CIF-H. It shows that we made the right decision to create this centre, whose role is to transfer to foreign trainees the know-how developed by the ALAT over many years in technical and tactical aspects of rotary wing combat, using the new-generation helicopters that DCI is proud to possess.”
The CIF-H is DCI’s response to the high demand from friendly countries for helicopter pilot training, from initial training through to the performance of operational missions. Training takes place on military helicopters or on the HELIDAX fleet of 36 EC120s fitted with innovative equipment. HELIDAX is the first public-private partnership of the French ministry of defence. Training at the CIF-H is in English or French in partnership with the ALAT and HELIDAX. 
Focus on Capability Framework
Recently, the CEOs of Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) and DCI also signed a MoU on the joint promotion of capability offers for international armed forces. This approach fosters joint projects built around the reputation of the vehicles offered by RTD combined with the training, consulting and operational assistance services that DCI can provide.
“We share a common vision with Renault Trucks Defense and all its teams and we are confident in our approach: together provide capability offers built around dual French operational and technological excellence,” said Palagos. “I’m sure that this novel approach will provide a comprehensive, sustainable response to the expectations of our customers and give the integrated offer a meaningful purpose.”
RTD designs, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of tactical and logistic vehicles, wheeled armoured vehicles and propulsion systems for armoured vehicles, capable of responding to the needs of armed forces. 
Offering a Diverse Range of Training Courses for UAV’s 
DCI is offering a new diversified range of innovative training courses adapted to the needs of countries friendly with France. Training is based on the expertise, equipment and know-how acquired by the French Army during recent operations in Afghanistan and Africa, which guarantees training at the highest level.
In early 2016, in partnership with the Unmanned Aircraft Centre of Excellence (CED), DCI installed a new unmanned aircraft simulator called UAV-X, developed by DIGINEXT on the basis of specifications prepared in cooperation with the CED.
Palagos said, “Unmanned aircraft represent an emerging sector of activity which is attracting a lot of interest from our foreign partners, particularly in the Gulf region, but also elsewhere, in new regions. In this context, our collaboration with the CED is a perfect extension of the historical partnership between the French Air Force and DCI. It gives us high-level expertise and enables us to offer innovative training courses that are totally adapted to the requirements of countries friendly with France.” 
The Unmanned Aircraft Centre of Excellence is also equipped with a Mission Lab to conduct research, testing and validation activities. Innovative concepts, such as the UAV-X simulator, are installed there and tested on site.
Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan Academy to Welcome Cadets from Middle East
A partner of DCI, the International Training Centre - Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan Academy (CIF-ESCC), which is integrated into the Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan Military Schools, will welcome a new class of around 20 student officers in September 2016, the second class since the centre opened in 2015. This class will be composed of cadets from different countries in the Middle East.
 “The success of the CIF-ESCC in countries friendly with France, particularly the Gulf States, is a result of the partnership between DCI and the Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan Schools, which has enabled us to establish a very demanding training course whose excellence is recognised well beyond our borders,” said Palagos.
DCI Refurbishes Draguignan International Training Centre
DCI also recently refurbished the infrastructure of the Draguignan International Training Centre  (CIF-D), which was integrated into the Military Schools of Draguignan in November 2013, in order to expand its capacities.
The CIF-D develops and delivers individual and collective training courses in France and abroad relating to infantry, fire support, aerial coordination and air defence.
“This refurbishing responds to the centre’s need for classrooms to accommodate foreign teams and trainees in optimum conditions,” said Palagos. “The investment was possible thanks to the excellent collaboration between DCI and the armed forces. Our centre makes a significant contribution to the local economy, since the CIF-D supports 65-80 full-time jobs, along with 67 permanent positions at Draguignan”.

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