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A Media Strategy That Keeps Up With UAE’s Global Ambitions

Staff Colonel / Yousef Juma Al Haddad Editor in Chief

The media strategy that has recently been approved by the UAE Cabinet is keeping pace with the UAE’s global aspirations and reinforcing the national media presence at the regional and international levels. This is what the UAE needs now at a stage when it seeks to consolidate its position on the map of developed countries.
This strategy clearly explains the features of the national media, whether in relation to transparency, frankness and boldness in dealing with topics, or to proactively, not just reactively, dealing with the major issues related to the image of the UAE abroad. Meanwhile, this strategy paves the way for a new stage in the national media process that strengthens its role in supporting various government initiatives and policies. 
It boosts the active and influential presence of the national media in international public opinion, and highlights the success story of the UAE abroad, with its values that elevate the culture of achievement, excellence, challenging the impossible, and solidarity with people in times of adversity.
The new UAE media strategy includes many key principles and objectives, which revolve around how to manage the country’s reputation and achievements, enhance its soft power and communicate its success story abroad. The responsibility for implementing this strategy rests with various video, audio and print media institutions. This would require, first, to enhance cooperation between these institutions so that their outputs may be consistent with the content and objectives of this strategy. The national media should be a partner for various government initiatives and strategies, and supportive of success stories and national priorities, both at the local and foreign level.
Second, it requires to unify the content of the media message and draft it so accurately as to reach its recipients easily and clearly. It should address the international media in the language it understands, directly and clearly, without any elaboration or interpretations. 
Third, the presence of the national media should be reinforced globally. This necessitates developing its communication tools and upgrading the skills of its workers in order to convey the UAE’s voice to the world.
Fourth, to invest in the growing admiration for the UAE model of development and coexistence by seeking the help of a number of foreign influencers of different nationalities in such fields as the media, culture, sports, art and cinema, as these can promote the country’s success story abroad. 
Fifth, to pay attention to crisis media. It is no secret that the responsibility of the media in facing crises is now a top priority for countries, especially at this stage of uncertainty, and ill-informed rumours that may undermine the security and stability of states. It is important and necessary, therefore, for the national media to play a major role in educating the members of society about the concept, emergence, evolution, dangers and effects of rumours.
While the national media has proved to be highly professional and credible in expressing national issues during the past period, it is now facing another challenge. It has to keep pace with the future aspirations of the UAE in its journey towards more excellence and leadership. Through human expertise and technical capabilities, it is possible to convey the civilised aspect of the UAE and its dazzling success story to the world.

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