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Thuraya Highlights IP Commander and M2M Solutions

Nation Shield sat down with Christian Cull, VP Marketing & Communications, Thuraya, who shed light on the company’s latest breakthrough products
By Sakha Pramod
Thuraya Telecommunications Company recently showcased a number of its latest solutions and products for the defense and security sector at Eurosatory 2016. 
On display was Thuraya’s IP Commander, a robust voice and data terminal that provides reliable broadband access. Purpose-built for military, government, civil defense and emergency response teams, Thuraya IP Commander is engineered to enable mission-critical voice and data connectivity in minutes, however remote the location. Designed exclusively by SRT, it is based upon a single board solution that offers every service on Thuraya’s network.
Christian Cull, VP Marketing & Communications, Thuraya, said, “The Company is very well known for the quality of its handsets from a military perspective. We are very pleased with the launch of the Thuraya IP Commander.

It is unique in terms of our portfolio as it offers voice, land data and marine data and its ruggedized and it offers communication on the move. It is ideal for getting people fully in touch with one another when they are far out in the field in all sorts of conditions. You can put this into any vehicle and is very easy to install on any vehicle.”
Thuraya IP Commander is simple, quick and easy-to-install, and capable of withstanding tough physical environments. It is also dust and water-resistant. 
Independently tested, IP Commander is certified to IK10 and IP66 standards, making it a durable and dependable product. The solid broadband terminal offers clear and uninterrupted voice connectivity through its robust handset. Thuraya’s data network offers IP broadband speeds of up to 444kbps, while on-the-move or paused.
IP Commander’s high-speed communications help establish command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.
It is the ideal choice for facilitating vital communications at high speeds, essential for (C4ISR); blue-force tracking; logistics management; and tactical command for swift mission deployment.
“We have had interest from various Ministries’ both in Europe and America. We have sold to Germany. It is also taking interest in the Far East, which is an important market for us. So while we are based in the Middle East we are able to extend our interest and influence in to the Far East as well,” added Cull. 
Thuraya IP Commander facilitates mission-effective operations and secure real-time, two-way communications between HQ and deployed units. Where rapid response is of the essence, Thuraya IP Commander helps facilitate operations in the field and to save lives. Easily integrated with Thuraya-certified solutions, such as video surveillance, video conferencing and TETRA over IP, the IP Commander supports secure communications.
Launch of M2M Service Terminal
Mobile satellite services operator Thuraya Telecommunications Company recently launched a dedicated M2M service and terminal that is available across its extensive coverage area and for the first time over North America. 
The launch builds on the momentum of existing M2M solutions offered from Thuraya’s network of device and application development partners and is part of the company’s overall M2M strategy.  
Thuraya’s strategy is founded on the fact that more than one solution is needed to address the requirements of all M2M applications in the future, said Cull. Based on the growth of M2M and the coming explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT), the company is developing solutions to address low data rate (LDR), medium data rate (MDR) and high data rate (HDR) requirements for a range of market segments. The launch of this new service addresses the market requirements for the MDR tier of applications.
Working in partnership with ViaSat, Thuraya is expanding the reach of its coverage area to include North America for the first time. The robust IP-based, secure two-way communications M2M network already enables real-time M2M and IoT application deployment beyond the confines of traditional cellular networks. The partnership with ViaSat extends that capability into this key new geographical market.
Cull said, “We launched the M2M product earlier this year. The FT2225 was developed with ViaSat, which means we were able to extend our coverage area that had previously been focused through our two satellites, one across the Middle East going across Africa and Europe and the other one over the Far East reaching into Australia.” 
He added, “Through ViaSat’s support and partnership we are able to offer a service in North America and that has significantly increased our coverage capacity. We plan to launch further M2M products within the next 12 months to give us a three-tier strategy. This is the mid-range MDR, we will also be able to offer LDR and HDR products.”
The company is renowned for offering innovative communications solutions to a variety of sectors. Mining and oil and gas customers need high security, low latency real time applications.

Mining companies want reliable network connectivity for tracking assets and workers’ safety; high cyber-security and network availability appeal to government customers, while Thuraya also offers the network resiliency and low total cost of ownership sought by utility companies.
The Thuraya FT2225 (MDR) fixed terminal works on the Thuraya network and on ViaSat’s mobile satellite services network, leveraging ViaSat’s L-band high capacity satellite system. 
The new terminal offers efficient bandwidth usage, low-latency IP networking, and high security levels. It reduces total cost of ownership, supported by a 99.9 per cent service level agreement. 
The company’s range of third-party certified LDR M2M solutions currently includes SMC’s mobile asset tracking; Seven Technologies’ remote link for fixed M2M applications; the Ibexis telemetry data logger; and Digital Barriers’ seismic sensor mesh network.
“Thuraya has a strong presence in the Middle East and in the UAE. We are pioneers in the satellite sector; it is a sector that the UAE has a huge ambition for keeping in mind their space programmes,” said Cull. “Our network based in Sharjah is very fundamental to our success. Our whole mission and purpose is to save and improve lives and our product do that driven by a network that stems from Emirati technology and expertise ”.

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